VAT: Special scheme equivalence surcharge

The scheme aims at simplifying formal obligations to small entrepreneurs, in particular retailers. Retailers are those performing with habitual sales of personal property without having undergone any manufacturing or processing process. These are items that have not been processed by the trader; that is, when it is merely an intermediary who buys from a distributor to sell to the public.

If the objective conditions are met, the taxpayer is within this special regime, which can not be resignation; is required.

For the retailer, it is to pay a somewhat higher normal VAT return for not having to submit VAT to the Treasury. Thus, VAT is paid directly to your provider, simplifying management of VAT. In return, therefore, have to not filing, providers of these entrepreneurs in their bills, not only affect them but also VAT added to them and affect them added: equivalence surcharge.

Therefore, the main duty of a retailer surcharge of equivalence, as does VAT return, is to inform their suppliers that are within the system of equivalence surcharge.