Industrial property

Industrial Property is a set of rights that can have a natural or legal person for an invention, design, etc. Thanks to her, the exclusive rights in our immaterial creation is obtained, and it will be protected as a real property right. In our country, there are several types of industrial property rights.

On the one hand, there are industrial designs that will protect the external appearance. Furthermore, we find the protection of trademarks and trade names, ie, graphic or word combinations that will help us to distinguish our product or service within the market of other products. There are also patents and utility models, through which we protect inventions that consist of products or procedures to be used for industrial purposes. About Industrial Property, there is no law that covers all regulation in this respect, for each specific case to apply a basic text specialized.

By obtaining the right to property, we will be allowed to decide who can use them and how. To obtain them, will go to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and obtain protection throughout the Spanish territory. There is a possibility to extend protection beyond the Spanish territory, attending an international registration, however, this protection will be more expensive, so it is essential to assess the potential markets for our product, our resources and competitors.