Standards of VPO leased

Where it is picked the system of subsidized housing to rent? In the first additional provision of the Urban Leases Act, notwithstanding any regional regulations on the matter.

When concludes the term of the legal system of subsidized housing, which qualify for lease from the entry into force of this law? To fully pass the period specified in the rules applicable to the repayment of loan obtained qualified for promotion. And in the absence of such a loan? After twenty five years as from the date of the corresponding final rating.

What we mean by [initial maximum rent per square meter useful] for public housing? The percentage of the maximum sale price that corresponds in accordance with applicable regional or state regulations.

Does the review of rents of public housing will apply? No, unless explicit agreement between the parties. What then will happen in cases where an express agreement between the parties on a review mechanism for monetary values ​​not detail the index or reference methodology occur? That for each annuity income will be reviewed by reference to the annual change Assurance Competitiveness Index.

What may charge the landlord a part of the initial or revised income? The real cost of services to enjoy the tenant.

They will void clauses and provisions that establish higher incomes than the maximum allowed under the rules applicable for social housing? Yes, subject to administrative sanctions.