Tax Advice

Tax Advice

Advisory services for all types of tax:

VAT for companies operating within Spain and abroad, and intra-Community operator processes Advice and presentation of every type of special VAT format and scheme (sales equalization tax, self-employed modules, company VAT)

Non-resident's income tax (non-resident's tax planning to minimise tax burdens, presentation of non-resident's tax forms to the tax authorities, rentals, sales of fixed assets with retention of title, proceeds from real estate, refunds of withholdings from non-resident's exempt bank accounts, non-resident companies with and without permanent establishment, etc.)

Corporation tax (SMEs, large companies and groups of companies) with accounting services incorporating the 2007 New General Accounting Plan, withholdings and payments on account. Company formations Tax and Social Security registrations Company advice and integrated management Taxes, payroll, contracts, accounting, annual accounts Tax planning

Advice on property tax transfer advice and document duties (management of taxes and duties on all types of real estate acquisitions such as capital gains, arranging notaries, checking all types of contracts and deeds)

Death duties and gift taxes Advice on inheritance, totally professional processing all aspects of death duties, undertaking in-depth studies of the contents of the will, presentation of the death duties form to the Junta de Andalucía, minimising the tax burden to the extent the law permits

Advice on donations from companies or large estates to optimise the tax situation before inheritance Presentation of donations tax to the tax authorities Change of company ownership to qualify for 99% deduction of donations tax

Personal income tax (IRPF), advice on the best way of securing a lower tax bill, benefiting from the credits and deductions that my company will be delighted to advise you on when making your declaration Self-employment accounting (income, expenditure and capital items) and undertaking all tax matters. (VAT, normal and modular IRPF, withholdings and payments on account)

Capital gains tax advice Investment portfolio optimisation Company formation, variable capital investment companies (SICAV) for large capital holdings, companies created for sale, etc.

Tax planning through strategies to optimise/minimise the tax burden arising from the client's need to pay a range of taxes (IRPF/Corporation Tax/VAT/Capital Gains Tax/Capital Transfer Tax) Representation before tax authorities in Management, Tax Collection, Inspection, Presentation of appeals and complaints.