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Tax Advisors & Accountants



In Accountant Marbella, we help entrepreneurs to carry out a business plan that will facilitate decision-making and will serve to present good arguments for investors



We advise all types of companies and societies. Our aim in Accountant Marbella, is to make an effective business management, advising on the best opportunities and facilitating compliance with formal obligations

legal advice

Legal advice

Our team can provide all the legal and juridical assistance for your business. We have extensive experience and a specific study of your company, we will propose the most recommended for your situation.

tax and financial advice

Financial advice

Advice to private individuals and self-employed on every tax liability, whether occasional (capital transfers, document duties, death duties and gifts, tax on economic activities etc)

Expertos profesionales a su servicio



If you are freelance, our experts will give you the best tax and accountant advice for your business.


In Accountant Marbella, we elaborate a business plan in order to present it efficiently to pontential investors.


In Accountant Marbella, e assist you in every step to create the society without a minimum initial capital.


We also offer integrated commercial legal advice, criminal law, civil and administrative law etc.


Consult Accountant Marbella for our services

tax advice and consultancy
Tax Advice & Consultancy

Advisory services for all types of tax: VAT for companies operating within Spain and abroad, and intra-Community operator processes Advice and presentation of every type of special VAT format and scheme (sales equalization tax, self-employed modules, company VAT).

accounting advice and management
Accounting advice and management

In Accountant Marbella, we provide advice and management to both companies and self-employed on mandatory book-keeping and preparation of annual accounts providing a true reflection of the company's financial situation.

labour law and hr consultancy
Labour Law & HR Consultancy

Our HR management service at Accountant Marbellaz includes legal employment consultancy comprising: technical representation before the conciliation and mediation services (CMAC and SERCLA), Employment Tribunals, and before the High Court of Justice.

Juridical and Legal advice in Marbella
Juridical and Legal advice in Marbella

With the economic activity of a company it is customary to require assistance in legal and juridical matters, especially related to the Civil and Commercial Law. Therefore Accountant Marbella helps you to prepare and review private documents such as leases, purchases, loans or the provision of commercial services, individually and staff as needed.

Accountant Marbella

Accountant marbella

Accountant Marbella is a company that helps its clients save money. It was born at the height of the financial crisiswith the dual goals of saving money for its clients and offering unbeatable service at a price tailored to clients' budgets. It offers companies, the self-employed and individuals advice and management services for all types of tax, human resources advice of all kinds, accounting advice and management, and legal advice.

VAT Defer

Sometimes an entrepreneur does not have enough time to make payments of taxes due, liquidity at any given time. To avoid getting into a bad debt situation, it is proposed to apply deferrals, depending on the intended delay payment.

In the case of VAT, to ask for deferrending can be done in the period of voluntary payment and the executive, unless the company is under embargo. The installment payment is unlimited, but if the debt is greater than 18,000 euros, will be necessary to provide a guarantee.

This application is made with the self-assessment model 303 (VAT) in the Tax Office or through the Electronic Office. The taxpayer can set the schedule of payments, proposing few times and with that amount, to make full payment, also report on the reasons for postponement.

If deferred debts to the Treasury, interest for late payment is around 5%. If forced to make this decision, our firm can help you with these formalities, in Marbella.

Advising companies in Marbella

The team of experts in Accountant Marbella, advises all types of companies and societies. Our objective is to make an effective business management, advising on the best opportunities and facilitating compliance with formal obligations, fiscal, labor, accounting or commercial areas.

Whatever the aim of the company, will manage all its areas. Especially for small companies that may not have specialized in taxation or accounting staff, you may want to outsource these services.

But medium and large companies can also count on us, because the procedures are more complex and delegating certain functions that are not strategic, can devote himself to the core business of the company.

Count on Accountant Marbella, to make a new business plan if your company is not emerging in Marbella.

Advantages of a Civil Society

Civil Society is a private contract by two or more persons agree where collaboration and joint performance of an activity for profit. This can consist of industrial members, provide labor and capital members, provide assets or money.

No commercial character nor legal personality. Therefore, each of the partners will be taxed with personal income tax provide your participation. However, if a civil society maintains a commercial form with the recent tax reform, effective January 1, 2016 such companies will be taxed with corporation tax.

New entrepreneurs often choose this way to start a business, because it has lower cost when it is and is simpler in tax and accounting management. It also has advantages such as to apply the capitalization of unemployment, and subsidies and bonuses for freelancers.

Establishment of a Limited Company

Forming a Limited Company is to obtain an identical regime of Limited Liability Company but with a difference, you do not need a minimum initial capitalto establish society.

But even a minimum capital is not requested, until the amount of 3,000 € is reached, it is necessary that at least 20% of profit for this destined to the legal reserve.

As to the liability of the partners must respond jointly to set minimum capital, 3,000 euros.

They are limited remuneration to partners and managers for their positions, the annual amount thereof should not exceed 20% of net assets related to the year until the capital stock of € 3,000 is reached.

Once you have provided this company, the minimum capital of € 3000, will become a Limited Companyand is governed by its rules. Until then it has certain limits and obligations.

Consult Accountant Marbella and we will give you a more detailed study of your company no matter if it's a startup or an older business, we will help your company to thrive in Marbella