Legal Advice

Legal Advice

  • Integrated Commercial Legal Advice
  • The core of commercial law resides on the contracts dealt in any type of business. When running a business, a contract is the first thing that anyone should do. The best accountants would ask as many questions as possible related to the business in order to establish all the legal situation clear. They study the case very carefully in order to arrive with the best results. This type of legal law, deals with any type of monetary loss that affects the company such as a contract rescission or disputes. If you have any problem in your company in which commercial legal law is required and you live in Marbella, do not hesitate to contact with an a business law expert that will help you in this process.

  • Criminal Law
  • When it comes to dealing with crimes related to your business, our team of accountants and lawyers will also be there to help you. It's frequent to find a business involved in fraud, corruption, money laundering, tax offences or work violations, our experts will know how to deal with this problem in a way that it doesn't affect the company in any way. We provide assistance to both the victims affected by fraud from other companies or companies that are accused for any criminal charge that are innocent or seeking to reduce their charge.

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Any business with a product or an idea needs to register an intellectual or industrial property. This is especially common on small businesses and start ups that come up with new ideas and don't want any other company to make a profit out of it. Our accountants in Marbella will deal with any type of patent or trademarks. This is a common practice in the artistic expression field such as music, art or writing where it's important to establish a copyright law in order to protect their own work from copies. In the case of a business, any launch of a new product will carry a new name and it's absolutely necessary to register it before anyone does. Your business must be protected of plagiarism in all areas.

  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Divorces and family matters affect in many areas of our lives such as a children, business or money. Our accountants will also assist you in case of divorce helping you with all the papers that must be completed for a healthy divorce. We also get involved in matters in which children are affected by the laws such as child custody as well as adoption. These are often very delicate cases that we need to be very careful of. Sometimes we also cover domestic abuse and violence.

  • Civil Law
  • This is the law that surrounds all people and their behaviour as well as their relationship with other things that exclude commercial law and criminal law. These are the laws organised according to the Roman law and their doctrine. This is often applied to individuals but it could also include large corporations. The cases are usually initiated by a private party and the final verdict is ended with a monetary award considered by the judge.

  • Administrative law
  • This is governed by the administrative agencies of the government. Anything regarding with taxation, immigration, trade, transport or police will be included in Administrative Law It's necessary the executive power of the government. It's often complemented with the constitution. Any problem in a local, regional or federal government will be dealt by our lawyers in Marbella. If your business is suffering after a new regulation has been passed or you cannot obtain a business license then it's time to call an administrative lawyer. Maybe it's the government that filed you a lawsuit and you need an attorney that helps you in this process.