Company formation

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to build your own company? The first step is to apply for the Certificate of Company Name. Shall certify that no other company with the same name. It is obtained in the Central Registry and the founders will own upon request. Within three days, we will obtain the certificate that will expire after three months, so we have to constantly renewing watching it.

Then we will sign the Deed before the Notary, containing the identity of the members, will constitute society, the contribution of each, the statutes governing society and the system of administration and representation of society.

The next step will be to develop the bylaws, which will include the name, social activity that the company, address, social capital, etc. will be dedicated.

Then, if applicable, the tax will be paid Corporate Transactions and provisional tax identification number is required. To make it final, the Articles of Incorporation shall be entered in the Trade Register.

Finally, to launch the activity, will be registered to the company in the business tax, licensing and opening of the establishment of the company will be obtained, and registered with the Social Security.