The administrative appeal

Administrative law is the branch of law that regulates relations between individuals and state activity. Therefore, it gives us the ability to go the administrative route when we have problems with public bodies, and thus avoid going to the courts.

The most common of administrative resources is the administrative appeal, by which answer to a resolution taken against us and we produce defenselessness or irreparable damage to our rights and interests.

For such an appeal, we will before the body that issued them, or his superior, that the decision be reviewed. We will have a month to bring this resource (or three months if not an express act), so we should not confuse the term, otherwise, we can not appeal.

He presented our appeal, we will respond within three months. If we can not answer at that time was given for rejected our appeal, exhausting administrative remedies, but then opening the courts to continue to defend our right. However, if there is any obvious error in the resolution accompanying documents, we will still have the option of filing a special appeal for review, remaining administratively.