Consummation reserve

If the death of the reservist is survived by children or descendants of the previous marriage, under Article 973 [will happen in the goods subject to reservation, in accordance with the prescribed rules for succession in the descending line, although under Testament they had inherited unequally to predeceased spouse or had repudiated his inheritance]. Therefore, reservatarios will own the property by inheritance bookable title, but says the aforementioned provision if they happen to reservist or causing the reservation.

It is plausible to think that inherit the reservist. The reservatarios therefore inherit it, which can not provide for other reservable assets.

Once accepted the succession bookable goods, reservatarios may require the heirs of reservist meeting the obligations to which they obliged.

Upon consummation of the book, it seems clear that the heirs of reserevista been able to claim, if the amount of costs incurred by his predecessor in goods that had to guard for delivery to the reservatarios by imperative law.