Freelance bonus for family life balance

In the RD 1/2015 mechanism called the second change, together with measures of different areas, certain social measures that provide benefits for self-employed workers in relation to the reconciliation of family life are articulated.

In this respect, the self-employed are in a situation considerably lower than for employees and so it tends to bring positions with this group.

The content of these measures to which we refer assumed the bonus of 100 share of freelancers who pay for common contingencies on two assumptions: the care of children under 7 years who are in charge of the self-employed and the by having a relative by consanguinity or affinity to the second degree.

The possibility of acquiring this bonus depends on the fulfillment of requirements involving the recruitment of a worker either full time or a day that is not less than 50 during the period in which it will enjoy the bonus and at least three months and subsequently to the expiration of the bonus is keep the high autonomous for at least six months.